[R] (2) Questions

cbarrera@umich.edu cbarrera at umich.edu
Tue Feb 24 00:33:39 CET 2004

Hi Fellows from R-Help List!

My questions are basic since i an new with R. I am very acquainted with Matlab &
Gauss (the compentence, I guess). Anyhow, 

(1) I am trying to get R execute comands made or built as text, so that one can
feed a particular option with many variations coming from a text file. Is this
possible with the free version? For instance, there exists the eval comand in
Matlab, which executes the matlab comand in the text argument incoming thru

(2) Is there any way to avoid the automatic stop of a redundant NL estimation,
like for instance, the one behind arima()? Usually, when the NL problem has
spikes or the like, even the global optimizer procedures stop. If many models
are supposed to be estimated and you just want to bypass those badly-behaved
models (and store the many statistic values just as NAs), such a stop makes you
correct the loop indexes and re-run the program. How to avoid it?



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