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> Hi Fellows from R-Help List!
> My questions are basic since i an new with R. I am very 
> acquainted with Matlab &
> Gauss (the compentence, I guess). Anyhow, 
> (1) I am trying to get R execute comands made or built as 
> text, so that one can
> feed a particular option with many variations coming from a 
> text file. Is this
> possible with the free version? For instance, there exists 
> the eval comand in
> Matlab, which executes the matlab comand in the text argument 
> incoming thru
> eval.

I think what you need to do first is to read the manuals.  "An
Introduction to R" would be a good start.  There is no "free version" vs
"commercial version".  R is open-sourced and you don't have to pay for
it -- of course, "donations" are welcome by the R Foundation ;D.


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