[R] text editor for R - summary on R-WinEdt

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Jul 8 08:56:18 CEST 2004

Dear all,

let me try to summarize this thread's R-WinEdt related messages and give 
a few comments:

Murray Jorgensen wrote:

 > I tried R-WinEdt a few years ago, but as I remember it interfered with
 > my usual use of WinEdt which is as a front end to MiKTeX. Is there a
 > way to use WinEdt both ways?

Yes, as already answered by some others ...

There are plans to be able to have an R mode in the usual WinEdt 
setting, so R's highlighting will adapt to the current document 
settings, but I don't know when there will be time to implement that in 
a clean manner.

David Scott wrote [in response to Murray Jorgensen]:

 > This problem annoyed me for a while too. My solution (which is not
 > perhaps ideal) is this. You want two different incarnations of WinEdt,
 > one for TeX, the other for R. On the desktop I have a shortcut to
 > WinEdt which is the one for TeX stuff. I open the other one with R
 > syntax highlighting etc by starting R and using library(RWinEdt). To
 > do this you have to install the RWinEdt package and SWinRegistry. This
 > is all well explained in the ReadMe.txt for RWinEdt.
 > I think with the right additions to the Target field in a shortcut to
 > WinEdt you can call up the incarnation of WinEdt that is suitable for
 > R. I haven't done that. You would then have two shortcuts to WinEdt,
 > one for your TeX stuff, one for R.

Thanks for this detailed and accurate description.

Liaw, Andy wrote:

 > Uwe would be the authority on this 8-), but my impression is that if
 > you keep two separate shortcuts, you should be fine.  The one for
 > R-WinEdt has flags that sets it up for R, which should not be used
 > in the one for MikTeX.


Kevin Wang wrote:

 > I think Andy is correct.  A few years ago (back in the dark ages --
 > before I discovered Emacs/ESS), I had two short cuts, one calls
 > R-WinEdt (i.e. with flags...etc) and the other with just a normal
 > WinEdt icon.
 > However, I *think* now you can interact R-WinEdt within R directly
 > (I tried the new version about 2 ~ 3 months ago just for fun, and
 > that seemed to be the case, but I can't quite remember *_*).

You can fire up R-WinEdt from R, but I would not call it "interact 
within R directly".

Peter Flom wrote:

 > I use WinEdt for both.  I simply installed it twice, and set up one
 > version for R and one for LaTeX, I have seperate icons on the desktop,
 > with different names, and it works fine.

It is not necessary to have two installations.

Uwe Ligges

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