[R] Creating a minimal package (was: where does R search when source()?)

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Mon Jul 12 06:32:55 CEST 2004

Duncan Murdoch <dmurdoch <at> pair.com> writes:

: On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 21:28:44 +0000 (UTC), Gabor Grothendieck
: <ggrothendieck <at> myway.com> wrote:

: >1. when I run skeleton.package realize that I must use the arg
: >   path = "library"
: >   The example that is shown there appears to omit that.
: The default is to put it in the current directory.  The assumption is
: that you started R where you want to work, or have switched to that
: directory later.  This is usually true for Unix users, but generally
: not for Windows users.
: I'm not sure what sort of change to make here.  path = "library"
: (literally) won't usually work, because it won't try to create the
: directory.  Suggestion?

Perhaps we could use:

   path = .libPaths()[[1]]

as the default value of path in package.skeleton.

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