[R] lda()

marzban marzban at caps.ou.edu
Mon Jul 12 22:13:41 CEST 2004

> Perhaps some reading would be helpful.  I suggest you look first at the 
> help file for lda().  Second, I suggest you read Venables and Ripley, MASS, 
> 4th Edition, where lda() is discussed extensively.  Third, I suggest you 
> read Ripley's Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks, where the theory is 
> laid out clearly.  Both of these latter books are referenced in lda's help 
> file.

I am quite familiar with all of these references. The theory behind LDA 
is not where the problem is - I'm comfortable with that. The problem is 
that I do not know what R is computing when it prints "Coefficients of 
linear discriminants". (According to the source code (lda.R), it's 
x$scaling, but I don't know what that is either.) 

> Finally, you might want to tell us what version of lda() you're using, what 
> version of R you're using, and what platform you're running on.   For all 
> we know, you're using a 2-year old version of R and lda, both long 
> superceded by vastly improved programs and packages. 

R-1.9.1 on linux


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