[R] package.contents() deprecated, what replaces it?

David Rossiter rossiter at itc.nl
Wed Jul 28 16:25:42 CEST 2004

Back on 18-June a colleague (Earl Glynn) asked:
I did a


in version 1.9.0. The help file says this is deprecated, and says to
"see also" Deprecated and Defunct, but what is the "new" function that
replaces packge.contents?

The function still seems to work, but it's just tagged as deprecated.

I have the same question, and also could not find the answer despite
searching "everywhere". I couldn't find a followup to the question.

I've written an instruction manual introducing
R to my institute's students, which includes the suggestion to use this
command, e.g.

   For example, to see what's in the geostatistical package
   > package.contents("gstat")

but now they see an off-putting "deprecated" message. Please advise.

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