[R] where is "average shifted histogram"?

Eckart Bindewald eckart_bindewald at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 28 23:43:17 CEST 2004

In the book Modern Applied Statistics with S (4th ed),
section 5.6 the concept of the "average shifted
histogram" or ASH is mentionend. Also it is mentioned
in the same section "The code used is in the scripts
for this chapter" (from figure caption 5.8, analysis
of the geyser duration data).
*However*, I have trouble finding the code for that
function! Admittedly, I am a newby to R. Where exactly
do I find the scripts to that chapter? Commands like
library(MASS), or help.search("average shifted
histogram") did not help.

Secondly: Is the fact that I have trouble finding a
routine for the average shifted histogram method a
hint, that the method is outdated, and instead method
X or Y should be used? The problem I am trying to
solve is to smoothe a two-dimensional data set, the
y-values change very rapidly between one and zero. The
function "loess" in R seems to do a very reasonable
job for that problem, but I would like to use a second
and different method.

Any help is highly appreciated!


Eckart Bindewald

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