[R] where is "average shifted histogram"?

Sundar Dorai-Raj sundar.dorai-raj at PDF.COM
Wed Jul 28 23:50:04 CEST 2004

Eckart Bindewald wrote:

> Hello!
> In the book Modern Applied Statistics with S (4th ed),
> section 5.6 the concept of the "average shifted
> histogram" or ASH is mentionend. Also it is mentioned
> in the same section "The code used is in the scripts
> for this chapter" (from figure caption 5.8, analysis
> of the geyser duration data).
> *However*, I have trouble finding the code for that
> function! Admittedly, I am a newby to R. Where exactly
> do I find the scripts to that chapter? Commands like
> library(MASS), or help.search("average shifted
> histogram") did not help.
> Secondly: Is the fact that I have trouble finding a
> routine for the average shifted histogram method a
> hint, that the method is outdated, and instead method
> X or Y should be used? The problem I am trying to
> solve is to smoothe a two-dimensional data set, the
> y-values change very rapidly between one and zero. The
> function "loess" in R seems to do a very reasonable
> job for that problem, but I would like to use a second
> and different method.
> Any help is highly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Eckart Bindewald



I have found "loess" (or possibly "locfit" in the package of the same 
name) more flexible though.


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