[R] Windows metafiles (emf) under Linux

Robert Cunningham robut at iinet.net.au
Fri Jul 22 17:35:16 CEST 2005

G'day Folks,

The R-help list has had assorted threads over the years on the best way for 
Linux users to produce EMF files, mainly for exchange with Windows users. 
There have been various suggestions for how this may be possible or ways 
around the problem, via other formats, but none have seemed very 

I've found what seems to be a quite simple way to produce EMFs from Linux that 
may interest some. I simply downloaded R (2.1.1 for Windows) then installed 
and ran R (Rgui.exe - Rterm.exe did not work) under Wine (www.winehq.com, 
version 20050211). R ran fine and I was able to produce the figures I 
required with the right-click saving of  EMFs working fine. A dummy 
screenshot is attached. I also tried to install a package (vegan) and all 
went well. Indeed everything I did seemed to work well. The only issue is 
that all the text in the in the R console and figures appeared to in 
uppercase (perhaps a Wine setting?) and there were a few other character 
issues. However, despite appearances the characters in the EMF were fine. 
Indeed my Windows colleague told me all the figures were fine.

A little more about my system:
I am using Mandriva LE 2005 with KDE
Windows 98 does exist on the HD but I understand from the Wine site that 
Windows is not required at all.
R 2.1.0 for Linux is installed

Well I hope this information proves useful and others can make use of the 
wineR approach.


RJ Cunningham
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