[R] setting weights for such a two-class problem in nnet and svm

Baoqiang Cao caobg at email.uc.edu
Fri Jul 22 18:18:02 CEST 2005

Dear All,

I have such a two-class problem, one class is very large(~98% of total), and the other is just 2%. According to manual of nnet, I need setup "weights", so I intend to set 1 for class one, 49 for class 2. How do I do that? Just weights=49? 
Meanwhile I'd like to try svm(e1071), again, how do I setup "class.weights"? Thanks.

BTW: Many thanks to Jake and Uwe for their answers about using "save" to store trained networks!

Best regards,     
 Baoqiang Cao

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