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There is a Springer publication "All of Statistics: a concise course in
statistical inference" by Larry Wasserman that might be what you are
looking for. The book also has an emphasis on R and his web site has
code and data sets for analysis of the examples used throughout.


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In short:

I didn't take enough stats courses in college.  Now I am working on
scientific research and I feel somewhat lost when it comes to designing
the statistical framework.  I have looked through the books at:


I even tried to read [17] Julian J. Faraway. Linear Models with R.  This
book is too advanced.  It helped a little bit but I still feel lost.
Can somebody recommend a textbook or textbooks suitable for a self-study
stats course?

Brief bio:

I have 20 years background in software development.  I know lots of
computer languages including C++ and Perl.  The computer language
aspects of R seems fairly simple.  I did some calculus in college but
not more than 1-2 courses.  I have a basic understanding of probability.
I mostly understand descriptive statistics.  I feel somewhat lost when
it comes to statistical inference.  I am good at self-study.  I happily
spend 12 hours a day reading dry technical manuals.

About the research:

I have designed a web-based questionaire.
http://shared.openheartlogic.org My collaborator (equally stats inept)
is working on a similar web-based questionaire

Ultimately, we want to publish in a peer-reviewed journal such as
Emotion & Cognition or, at least, get a paper accepted at the annual
Cognitive Science conference.  Something like that.  We have already
started collecting data but not on a large scale since we are not
confident about our statistical approach.

This is a shot in the dark, but if a stats expert wants to collaborate
with us then we would welcome that. We don't have much to offer except,
what we think is, exciting research.

In any case, a few textbook recommendations would probably help me a

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