[R] R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)

Randall R Schulz rschulz at sonic.net
Fri Sep 16 17:53:36 CEST 2005


On Friday 16 September 2005 08:21, Berton Gunter wrote:
> Newbies (and others!) may find useful the R Reference Card made
> available by Tom Short and Rpad at
> http://www.rpad.org/Rpad/Rpad-refcard.pdf  or through the
> "Contributed" link on CRAN (where some other reference cards are also
> linked).

This is truly handy. Thanks for pointing it out.

It's too bad there are five orphaned lines of text on an otherwise blank 
page five. Do you or does anyone know of a way to reformat this 
reference card to fit on four pages? Is the original TeX available?

> ...
> -- Bert Gunter

Again, thanks for the pointer.

Randall "Rnewbie" Schulz

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