[R] José C. Pinheiro Training in UK - Analyzing Mixed-Effects Models with S-PLUS

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José C. Pinheiro Training in UK - Analyzing Mixed-Effects Models with S-PLUS
Mixed-effects models provide a powerful tool for analyzing grouped data. This
course will overview the application of linear and nonlinear mixed-effects
models in the analysis of grouped data, using the NLME software in S-PLUS to
illustrate the different stages of model fitting. A new element to the course
will cover the functionality for fitting generalized linear mixed models
(GLMM's) which is now available in S-PLUS 7.
Ideal attendees would be Statisticians and, more broadly scientists, who
utilize or would like to utilize the mixed-effects model capabilities
provided in the NLME library in S-PLUS, for the analysis of correlated data.
This three day course includes methodological aspects and practical
application of mixed-effects models and is presented by one of the subject
areas leading researchers.  José C. Pinheiro is the co-author of the NLME
software in S-PLUS and of the excellent text book "Mixed Effects Models in S
and S-PLUS", which is supplied as part of the course materials.
Full details on the training course are as follows:-
Title: Analyzing Mixed-Effects Models with S-PLUS 
Presenter: José C. Pinheiro
Date: Nov 7-9, 2005
Location: Brighton, England
A unified model-building strategy for both linear and nonlinear models will
be presented and applied to the analysis of real datasets from a variety of
areas, including pharmacokinetics, agriculture, and manufacturing. Strong
emphasis will be placed on the use of graphical displays at the various
phases of the model-building process, starting with exploratory plots of the
data and concluding with diagnostic plots to assess the adequacy of a fitted
Full details and registration link can be found at:- 
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