[R] More detail discriptions about my problem

=?gb2312?B?1qPkvw==?= zhengqi04 at mails.gucas.ac.cn
Fri Sep 23 04:48:02 CEST 2005

Dear Mr Bivand and all the authors,
Glad to recieve your letter, and it seems that you catched the very bug this time! First of all, there isn't any file named "graphics.Ex-rout" in direction    "tests/Examples/" but there are "graphics.Ex.R" and "graphics.Ex-Rout.fail" files there, the latter of which looks like a good crue of my problem. So I tared this file and sent it as an attached file of this letter, wishing it won't be rejected by your server. 

I also try demo(graphics) in a new R session and some errors occured as expected. The graphics demo can be displayed correctly until the third one. An mistake happened and braked down the command. The failing message is writed down below:( also some key words was translated into English by myself)
"Press 'Enter' for the next graphic :

> title(main = "January Pie Sales", cex.main = 1.8,
    font.main = 1)
error occurs in: title(main = "January Pie Sales", cex.main = 1.8, font.main = 1) :
        cannot load X11 font size 22 "

So it seems that there are still some problems with my package "X11", doesn't it?

All good luck!
                                                              Yours sincerely,
                                                              An Chinese

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