[R] (New subject) Mandrake X11 install problems

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Fri Sep 23 08:26:36 CEST 2005

Could Mandrake users please examine this thread of make check failures? 
(Mandrake Linux 10.1 - fails graphics, possibly missing one of 100dpi or 
75dpi font rpms)

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, [gb2312] Ö£ä¿ wrote:

> Dear Mr Bivand and all the authors, Glad to recieve your letter, and it
> seems that you catched the very bug this time! First of all, there isn't
> any file named "graphics.Ex-rout" in direction "tests/Examples/" but
> there are "graphics.Ex.R" and "graphics.Ex-Rout.fail" files there, the
> latter of which looks like a good crue of my problem. So I tared this
> file and sent it as an attached file of this letter, wishing it won't be
> rejected by your server.

The file seems to be empty, so the make check on graphics may have failed 

> I also try demo(graphics) in a new R session and some errors occured as
> expected. The graphics demo can be displayed correctly until the third
> one. An mistake happened and braked down the command. The failing
> message is writed down below:( also some key words was translated into
> English by myself) "Press 'Enter' for the next graphic :
> > title(main = "January Pie Sales", cex.main = 1.8,
>     font.main = 1)
> error occurs in: title(main = "January Pie Sales", cex.main = 1.8, font.main = 1) :
>         cannot load X11 font size 22 "
> So it seems that there are still some problems with my package "X11",
> doesn't it?

I see from postings on R-help that Mandrake 10.1 users are advised to 
install both 'xorg-x11-100dpi-fonts' and 'xorg-x11-75dpi-fonts':




Could you please say whether you only have one of these font files
installed now, and whether the problem is resolved by installing the
missing one?

> All good luck!
>                                                               Yours sincerely,
>                                                               An Chinese

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