[R] hidden markov models

Dr. Emilio A. Laca ealaca at ucdavis.edu
Mon Sep 26 18:29:18 CEST 2005

Dear R community,

I am looking for an R package or other software to study hidden  
Markov models. I need to be able to incorporate multivariate  
emissions and covariates for the transition probabilities. The msm  
package seems almost perfect for my purpose, but I do not think it  
allows multivariate emissions.

I will be grateful for your suggestions.

All the best,

Emilio A. Laca
One Shields Avenue, 2306 PES Bldg.
Plant Sciences                                               
ealaca at ucdavis.edu
University of California                                fax: (530)  
Davis, California  95616                         voice: (530) 754-4083

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