[R] hidden markov models

Ingmar Visser i.visser at uva.nl
Mon Sep 26 22:24:56 CEST 2005

The depmix package on cran has multivariate distributions and the
possibility of (linear) covariates on the parameters.
If you have questions about its use feel free to contact me,
best, ingmar visser

On 9/26/05 6:29 PM, "Dr. Emilio A. Laca" <ealaca at ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> Dear R community,
> I am looking for an R package or other software to study hidden
> Markov models. I need to be able to incorporate multivariate
> emissions and covariates for the transition probabilities. The msm
> package seems almost perfect for my purpose, but I do not think it
> allows multivariate emissions.
> I will be grateful for your suggestions.
> All the best,

Ingmar Visser
Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam
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The Netherlands
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