[R] Permutations with replacement

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If you also want 1,1,1 and so on, the number of these is n^n,
(n choices for each of n slots.)
In that case, you could use hcube from combinat.

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Is there a simple function or process that will create a matrix of 
permutations with replacement? 

I know that using the combinat package

###### begin R code ######
> library(combinat)
> m <- t(array(unlist(permn(3)), dim = c(3, 6)))

# we can get the permutations, for example 3!=6
# gives us

> m
     [,1] [,2] [,3]
[1,]    1    2    3
[2,]    1    3    2
[3,]    3    1    2
[4,]    3    2    1
[5,]    2    3    1
[6,]    2    1    3
###### end R code ##########

I'd like to include the "with replacement possibilities" such as 


and so on.  This will eventually be done on 8!=40,320 rather than the 
development version using 3! as above.

If no function exists (I've Googled on CRAN with no palpable luck), then

perhaps this is more of a bootstrap type problem. 

Thanks for your help in advance,
Jesse Canchola


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