[R] [R-pkgs] zoo: new version 1.2-0

Achim Zeileis Achim.Zeileis at R-project.org
Fri Aug 25 03:19:52 CEST 2006

Dear useRs,

the new version 1.2-0 of the zoo package for dealing with regular and
irregular time series data is available from the CRAN mirrors.

This version includes two important changes/enhancements:

  - rapply() was re-named to rollapply() because from R 2.4.0 on,
    base R provides a function rapply() for recursive (not rolling)
    application of functions, which was already described in the Green
    Book. zoo::rapply() currently still exists for backward
    compatibility, however, it is flagged as deprecated and now
    dispatches to rollapply() methods. We recommend to change existing
    scripts from using rapply() to rollapply().

  - xyplot() methods for "zoo", "ts", and "its" objects have been
    added for creating trellis time series graphs. The functions
    are still under development and suggestions for improvement are

For general introductions to the package see:
  vignette("zoo", package = "zoo")
  vignette("zoo-quickref", package = "zoo")

Best wishes,

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