[R] Junk or not Junk ???

Loren Engrav engrav at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 6 00:16:55 CET 2007

Thank you

As per advice from several R users I have set

r-project.org, stat.math.ethz.ch,fhcrc.org, stat.ethz.ch, math.ethz.ch,

 all to be "safe domains"

But still some R emails go to Junk and require to be found manually

I have explored the issue with Univ Wash computing to no avail

Is this just how it is or have I still missed the "fix" to keep R emails out
of junk?

Thank you

Loren Engrav
Univ Wash

> From: Duncan Murdoch <murdoch at stats.uwo.ca>
> Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 22:10:18 -0500
> To: Loren Engrav <engrav at u.washington.edu>
> Cc: RHelp <r-help at r-project.org>
> Subject: Re: [R] Junk or not Junk
> On 03/12/2007 8:56 PM, Loren Engrav wrote:
>> So a message from
>> Benilton Carvalho <bcarvalh at jhsph.edu> (sent by
>> r-help-bounces at r-project.org)
>>  arrives and goes in the Junk Mail even tho I have set @r-project.org to not
>> be junk
>> Why does this go in Junk mail if @r-project.org is defined as not junk?
> Why are you asking us about how you have your mail filters set up?
> If you didn't set them up yourself, you should find out from your local
> admin who did, and ask them.
> Duncan Murdoch

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