[R] Junk or not Junk ???

Patrick Connolly p_connolly at slingshot.co.nz
Sat Dec 8 10:07:47 CET 2007

On Thu, 06-Dec-2007 at 04:29PM -0800, Loren Engrav wrote:

|> As for news readers
|> I found R and R.mac and R.Bio on the sites you recommend, thank you very
|> much, they would avoid the individual emails, but then I would have to go
|> look at them, which might be Ok
|> Deluge? Well, there are from R and Bio and R-Mac every morning 30 or 35, and
|> 10-15 more during the daytime, and ~50 deletes is painful
|> But then every morning one or two are useful so...

I find it absolutely essential to have a client that can display mail
in threads.  Deleting mail a thread at a time is an order of magnitude
more efficient.  Nabble does a fairly good job of showing threads, but
I would prefer to download every message and delete the threads I'm
ignoring.  Even on a good connexion, the delays downloading individual
messages add up.  And gmail is slower still.  Another advantage of
your own client is that you can use a monospaced font which is far
easier for reading code which is bound to happen on a list like this.

Most people I know have the misfortune of not having access to a mail
client that displays threads[1], but for anyone who has control over
such things, in the Windows world, I know Thunderbird is fairly good,
but if you're fortunate enough to be allowed to use Linux, there is
Mutt or you might like Emacs as a mail client which both do threads
very well without the need to use a mouse -- which I consider a huge


|> Still would be fun to understand why some R are junk and some are not

As several have said, it's to do with your mail client and/or how mail
and spam filters are set up on your domain.  Nothing to do with this

1. Read "misfortune of having to use Outlook or even Outlook Express"


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