[R] SNA Matrix

Salvaj, Erica docesalvaj at iese.edu
Tue Jan 2 10:16:23 CET 2007

I export a one mode network from Pajek to R, and the former made an .r file  called PajekR.r, that is actually an script to be run in R
The problem is that what the file actually does is to set a 0 martrix and then assing to each pair of nodes the corresponding values. Since the matrix is huge (10.000 nodes) a copy/paste procedure is very time consuming, and I guess pretty inefficient. So the question is: are there any way to read directly the .r file in R, without copy and paste the sentences of the script in the R console?
Erica H. Salvaj
PhD Candidate
IESE Business School
docesalvaj at iese.edu

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