[R] R editor vs. Tinn-R

Farrel Buchinsky fjbuch at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 15:08:09 CET 2007

Have you used Tinn-R and what landmines await the inexperienced?

I could not understand why a script that used to work stopped working.
Look at these two scenarios
I opened an excel spreadsheet and copied several cells to the clipboard
Then Scenario 1
Executed from Tinn-R
> prelim<-read.delim("clipboard")
> str(prelim)
'data.frame':   0 obs. of  1 variable:
 $ prelim..read.delim.clipboard.: logi

Scenario 2
Executed from R editor
> prelim<-read.delim("clipboard")
> str(prelim)
'data.frame':   18 obs. of  13 variables:

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