[R] eval() parse() and problem with square brackets

Jakub Jurdziak enzo83 at wp.pl
Tue Jan 23 20:39:47 CET 2007

RExcel and R (D)COM Server together allow you to write R commands in 
Excel, execute them in hidden instance of R and get results back to 
Excel. For more details - see http://sunsite.univie.ac.at/rcom/.

The problem I have arises because R commands written in Excel are 
transformed before execution in R (among other thing eval and parse are 
added). I can get the result of the transformation and try to execute it 
in normal instance of R (not hidden one started from Excel) - this is 
how I've found where the error comes from.

In my first post I have simplified situation and haven't mention about 
using Excel at all.


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