[R] Form of the equation produced by a GLM with Poisson family and log link function

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Hi everyone,

My background is not math and I am trying to figure out exactly what equation to use to map a response variable in GIS based on the coefficients obtained from the GLM and the values of the independent variables in each grid cell of my study area. Most specifically, I want to know how to incorporate the Poisson family and log link function in the equation. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this or direct me towards literature that would help me do this.

Here are the coefficients from my model:

Call:  glm(formula = count ~ slope + sst + chl + dist + ice, family = poisson,      data = dfo2003cc) 

(Intercept)        slope          sst          chl         dist          ice  
 -6.884e-01   -6.740e-01    5.644e-01   -2.694e+00   -7.278e-05    1.044e-01  
Degrees of Freedom: 412 Total (i.e. Null);  407 Residual
Null Deviance:      544.7 
Residual Deviance: 413.2        AIC: 512.2 

Thanks in advance!  

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