[R] Package for phylogenetic tree analyses

lalitha viswanath lalithaviswanath at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 22:38:02 CET 2007

I am looking for a package that
1. reads in a phylogenetic tree in NEXUS format
2. given two members/nodes on the tree, can return the
distance between the two using the tree.

I came across the following packages on CRAN
ouch, ape, apTreeShape, phylgr all of which seem to
provide extensive range of functions for reading in a
Nexus-format tree and performing phylogenetic
analyses, tree comparisons etc, but none to the best
of my undestanding seem to provide a function obtain
distances (in terms of branch lengths) between two
nodes on a single tree.
I am working with just one tree and need a function to
return distances between various pairs of nodes on the

Is there any other package out there that has this

Thanks for your responses to my earlier queries. As a
beginning R programmer, your responses have been of
utmost help and guidance.



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