[R] Changing Tick Mark Values for lattice / wireframe

Anthony Pezzola apezzola at reed.edu
Fri Jul 6 23:31:41 CEST 2007

How can I change the tick mark values in lattice, specifically wireframe?

I have a 11*46 matrix of values that I am plotting using wireframe.   
Unfortunely, the values range from 0.1-1.1 and 0.5-5.  Using the code  
below the tick marks have are (2,4,6,8,10) and (10,20,30,40).

Thanks in advance.

graphic5 <- wireframe(output.matrix, shade= TRUE,
scales = list(arrows = FALSE,
cex=.6, col="black", font= 3, tck=1),
xlab=list("Employees", cex=.65, col="black", rot=30),
ylab=list("Political Concentration", cex=.65, col="black", rot=-40),
zlab=list(label="Probability of Protection", cex=.65, rot=90, col="black")

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