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hadley wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 16:13:59 CEST 2007

Hi Olivier,

You can call scagnostics either with two vectors, or a data.frame (in
which case it computes all pairwise scagnostics).

I just double checked to make sure I didn't accidentally misname the
vector of scagnostics in R, and it doesn't look like I did, so could
you please send me a reproducible example so I can look into it more



On 7/9/07, Olivier ETERRADOSSI <olivier.eterradossi at ema.fr> wrote:
> Hi Hadley,
> thank you for providing this "scagnostics" primer....
> I was trying to do some basic testing, and I see that I probably missed
> some points :
> first it's not clear for me if the argument of "scagnostics" should be
> raw data or "processed" data (results of calling "splom" or whatever...).
> If the first, I thought (from Wilkinson & al.) that if taking as an
> example variables x and y being the coordinates of a circle, I should
> find in scagnostics(x,y)$s :
> Skinny = 0 and Convex =1.
> I get Skinny = 1 and Convex =0.... What am I missing ?
> (My God, I'm feeling myself going to be "Ripleyed" !.....)
> Regards, Olivier
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