[R] elementary statistics with R (rkward?)

John Kane jrkrideau at yahoo.ca
Thu Jul 12 14:22:05 CEST 2007

--- "Donatas G." <dgvirtual at akl.lt> wrote:

> Hi, I am trying to learn some basic statistics stuff
> but I cannot find any
> elementary statistics exercises using R language.
> Using RKward would be even
> better...
> I need that in analysing sociological data, obtained
> through questionnairres -
> findind corelations between variables, relations
> between different types of
> data, etc.
> Could anyone recommend simple tutorials/exercises,
> available on www for me to
> work on?
> I realize it would be much simple to do this
> introductory stuff with spss, that
> everyone around me is using here in Lithuania, but
> I'd really like to learn to
> do it with R instead...
> -- 
> Donatas G.

http://www.math.ilstu.edu/dhkim/Rstuff/Rtutor.html  is
not a bad place to start.   John Verzani's notes on
Simple R
http://www.math.csi.cuny.edu/Statistics/R/simpleR/ may
also help but his book is better.  

Peter Dalgarrd's book "Introductory Statistics with R"
is also very good.

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