[R] How to remove outer box from Wireframe plots?

Seth W Bigelow sbigelow at fs.fed.us
Wed May 9 20:25:35 CEST 2007

I would like to remove the outermost box from my wireframe plots -- this is
the box that is automatically generated, and is not the inner cube that
frames the data. There was a thread on this 4 yrs ago but none of the fixes
work (e.g., grid.newpage(), grid.lines(gp = gpar(col = NA)) or
par.box=list(col=1),col=NA. These just make the data or the cube disappear.
Has anyone solved this issue?
Here's some sample code. In case you are wondering, I have indeed purchased
Paul Murrel's book.


w <- expand.grid(X1 = seq(-29.5,-25,0.1), X3 = seq(1,90,1))
w$z <- model(99.6,3.59,8.65,w$X1,0.5,w$X3)


Dr. Seth  W. Bigelow
Biologist, Sierra Nevada Research Center

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