[R] Compiling R for 64-bit Windows (was Re: increasing memory limit in Windows Server 2008 64-bit)

David M Smith david at revolution-computing.com
Tue Dec 2 21:01:32 CET 2008

Michael Styer wrote:
>> So my next question is, does anyone have any thoughts about how significant
>> a project it would be to compile R for 64-bit windows (using, e.g., the Portland Group
>> compiler)?

Based on our experiences at REvolution Computing, it's quite a
significant project.  We're the commercial company Peter Dalgaard
alluded to last week (thanks for the advertising, Peter!) that is
working on the port.  It's taken quite a while, but we expect to have
REvolution R for Windows 64-bit available for beta testing in January.
 If you (or anyone else) is interested in beta testing on Windows
64-bit please let me know.

When it's released our 64-bit binary will come with a paid support
contract but as Peter mentioned we'll be submitting the changes back
to r-core and (assuming they're incorporated) you can try compiling it
yourself at that point. We have found that there are idiosyncrasies
amongst the different compilers and configurations on the Windows
64-bit platform; we're using the Intel compiler and your mileage may
well vary with others.

# David Smith

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