[R] SARIMA Model

rahul ..PITA.. rahul ..PITA..
Wed Dec 3 17:25:52 CET 2008

I'm looking to use R to find p,d,q, P,D,Q coefficients in SARIMA
(p,d,q,P,D,Q) model. However I'm new to R and am having below difficulties.

(1) unable to read the data into R. while I save the .csv file into R
workspace and try to load the same I run into the following error:
"Error: bad restore file magic number (file may be corrupted) -- no data
In addition: Warning message:
file 'Default.csv' has magic number '4/9/2'
   Use of save versions prior to 2 is deprecated".
Default.csv has two columns viz. date column and numerical value column.

(2) second I'm unaware of the acf and pacf functions in R which need to be
used to calculate p,d,q, P,D,Q coefficients in SARIMA (p,d,q,P,D,Q) model.
Would appreciate if someone could send me pointers for the same? Thanks.


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