[R] Baffled: triggering error message with an sd result in odfWeave?

Tubin sredmonson at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 15 17:12:45 CET 2008

I hope someone can point out my stupid error, because I'm baffled.

I am calculating a bunch of variable values and then placing them in a
document using odfWeave tags.

This is working very nicely for every spot except one.

One of the values I calculate is traindev:

 traindev <- if (trainlength>0) round(sd(trainscores, na.rm=T),1) else "" 

when I try to insert this traindev value anywhere in my odfWeave document
(using \Sexpr{traindev} ), I get the following error:
Start tag expected, '<' not found
Error: 1: Start tag expected, '<' not found

Another formula, 
postsd<- if (postlength>0)  round(sd(postscores, na.rm=T),1)  else ""

does not trigger the same error.  

It's not something strange with the variable name; give any other value to
that variable and odfWeave works just fine.  It's not the spot on the
document; any other tag works great in that spot and but traindev triggers
the error wherever I try to put it.

I've spent a horrendously long time trying to figure it out. Can anyone help
me out?

R version is 2.7.1
odfWeave is whatever the latest version is
os is Mac OS10.5.5
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