[R] Rpart and case weights: working with functions

Xavier Robin Xavier.Robin at medecine.unige.ch
Tue Jun 3 11:33:06 CEST 2008

I can't get rpart accept case weights defined inside a function.
It keeps using the copy defined in the "global" environment (if they 
exists) instead of the function-defined ones.

Here is what I do:

test.function <- function (formula, data) {
   weights <- rep(.1, 100)
   rpart(formula, data, weights)

test.function(x~y, data)

And I get an error:
> Error in model.frame(formula, rownames, variables, varnames, extras, extranames,  : 
>         invalid type (closure) for variable '(weights)'

If I define weights in the global environment, it uses this instead of 
the function-defined one (which can be verified by 
.Last.value$frame$wt[1]: it should equal sum(weights) and actually 
equals the sum of global weights, not the function one).

I tried to pass a named argument (weights=weights), using other names 
(w, foo, ...), or both, but still it doesn't work. I found nothing in 
rpart doc about that behaviour...
It was tested on R 2.7.0 (Windows XP) and R 2.5.1 (Linux kernel 2.6.9).

For the moment, the only workaround I found is to use/modify the global 
weights using <<- (not very satisfying).

What did I wrong? And what should I do to get it work (i.e. using the 
copy of weights defined inside the function)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Xavier Robin

Xavier Robin

Biomedical Proteomics Research Group (BPRG)
Department of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics (DBSB)
Geneva University Medical Center (CMU)
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