[R] package under unix

Christophe Genolini cgenolin at u-paris10.fr
Mon Jun 16 01:14:14 CEST 2008

> Generally, I like to use a pdf device which can have any number of
> pages.
I am proposing a graphical way a selecting a clusterization based a 
quality criterion. In order to avoid local maximum, you can build 
something like 10 000 clusterization. Exporting all of them has no 
sence. So I open two graph, on the left you can see all the quality 
criterion. On the rigth, you can see the clusterization that you are 
curently selecting on the left graph. The idea is not to export all the 
clusterization but to chose one. So you can change the selected 
clusterization by using the arrow. This is possible only on a screen.

> But an X11 device will also work for single plots and there's no need
> to specifically set it in the package.
Thanks a lot.
Is there a way to set the position at which the x11 windows shall open ? 
I do not want to be very precise, I just want the two windows to not 
open one on the top of the other...

> Why not let users set the device they wish to use?
The function that is calling windows(5,5,xpos=0) is called "choice()". 
So users that do not like the output that I propose are free to not call 
"choice()", others are free to use it...

>  Requests to the maintainer gets no response.
Lol ! I am so proud when someone is using one of my two package that I 
answer very fast... ;-)
May be it will change when I will have ten to maintain ?


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