[R] simulating Gaussian Mixture Method

Peng Jiang jp021 at sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Jun 16 07:48:22 CEST 2008


  I have a mixture pdf which has three components, each satisfies the  
6 dimension normal distribution.

   I use mvrnorm() from the MASS library to generate 1000 samples for  
each component  and I add them
  to get the random samples which satisfies with the mixture  

  I use Mclust() from the mclust library to get the model of the  
samples and strange things happened.
  First it gave a warning

 > samplesMclust <- Mclust( samples )

  Warning messages:
1: In summary.mclustBIC(Bic, data, G = G, modelNames = modelNames) :
   best model occurs at the min or max # of components considered
2: In Mclust(samples) : optimal number of clusters occurs at min choice

Then I input
 > samplesMclust

  best model: XXI with 1 components

  it says the best model is with 1 component !

   I am confused ... Is it because the way that I generate samples is  

   thanks so much !

Peng Jiang
Ph.D. Candidate

Antai College of Economics & Management
Department of Mathematics
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