[R] color2D.matplot axis names

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Wed Jun 18 10:15:55 CEST 2008

Looking into the color2D.matplot code showsthat this is by design. You 
might want to contact the package maintainer and send suggestions how to 
patch the function (or better, send the patch itself) in order to show 
appropriate labels.

Of course, for a worksround, disable axes

     show.values=TRUE, axes=FALSE)

and add manually constructed axes by the axis() function later on.

Uwe Ligges

MeMooMeM wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally came up with a nice colored matrixplot, using the color2D.matplot
> function of the plotrix package. But I can't assign xtics and ytics to this
> plot. I made sure that the matrix has correct colnames() and rownames().
> Here's what I do:
> a=matrix(1:16, 4, 4)
> colnames(a) <- c("X1", "X2", "X3", X4)
> rownames(a) <- c("Y1", "Y2", "Y3", "Y4")
> color2D.matplot(a,c(0,1),c(0,0),c(0,0),show.legend=TRUE, show.values=TRUE)
> As you can see from the output of these commands, the ticks are numbers, but
> not the names.
> Thank you so much in advance!

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