[R] Error in Quantile function

David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 23:32:48 CET 2008

Please show us what you get when you execute:


It is doubtful that either of your theories is correct. It's more  
likely that spread is a more complex object than you realize. We need  
to know what spread looks like to the R interpreter in the environment  
where it is being called.

David Winsemius
Heritage Labs

On Nov 13, 2008, at 3:29 PM, irishmhw wrote:

> If anyone can assist with this problem you have my great thanks:
> I am trying to establish and plot confidence intervals on a  
> bootstrapped
> function.  I have a more complicated function that has no problems  
> with
> determining the confidence intervals using the quantile command.   
> This is
> outside the bootstrap portion of the code that is working fine it is  
> just
> determining everything for the more complicated model, not even sure  
> what
> the error is telling me.
>>   spread <- expntl.dr(plot_k_list,pdose)
>>   exp_CIs <- quantile(spread,probs=c(0.01,0.05,0.95,0.99))
> Error in order(list(bootdataframe.age = c(1.56064428047387e-09,
> 1.63862234892065e-09,  :
>  unimplemented type 'list' in 'orderVector1'
> I am not sure if this is problem with the quantile command trying to  
> order
> the data or if the values in the spread are too close together.
> Thank you for any assistance you can offer.
> Mark
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