[R] configuring graphics device in Linux

john polo jpolo at mail.usf.edu
Fri Nov 14 23:57:45 CET 2008


i'm trying plot() from Owen's _The R Guide_ and having trouble with
being able to view the result. the Graphics Device 2 draws an image i
can only see the top part of and when i try to manipulate the window to
see the image, the window then says: "...ure margins too lar..." in
large letters. i guess it says something about picture margins too
large. i'm not sure how to determine all my video settings in Ubuntu
(8.04), what i do know is this:
Intel 945GM graphics
and according to /var/log/Xorg.0.log: DPI set to (96,96)

i found x11(), but i'm not sure what to change there, if i should even
change it. can someone advise how to adjust settings, please?

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