[R] R course in Scotland

Peter Saffrey pzs at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Fri Nov 21 14:44:19 CET 2008

Thanks to the many people on the list who provided helpful responses, 
including those who Emailed me directly.

Several people have suggested that I just pick up R and give it a try. 
My reluctance to do this is that I am already very familiar with my 
current working method (Python + Numpy) and I worry that without a 
course I will work in a Python-centric way, which won't be optimal.

I feel it would also be useful to spend some time with an R expert so 
that I can find out what R does well and what it does badly. This way 
I'll when I should use R and when I should use some other method (like 
Python). I may find out that I'm better off with Python for everything I 
do, but I won't be confident in this conclusion unless I talk to 
somebody who really knows what they're doing.

Anyway, I now have a few courses to choose from, so many thanks for the 


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