[R] Fw: Logistic regresion - Interpreting (SENS) and (SPEC)

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Mon Oct 13 17:02:35 CEST 2008

 <Pedro.Rodriguez <at> sungard.com> writes:

> There are two good papers that illustrate how to compare classifiers
> using Sensitivity and Specificity and their extensions (e.g., likelihood
> ratios, young index, KL distance, etc).
> See: 
> 1) Biggerstaff, Brad, 2000, "Comparing diagnostic tests: a simple
> graphic using likelihood ratios," Statistics in Medicine, 19:649-663.
> 2) Lee, Wen-Chung, 1999, "Selecting diagnostic tests for ruling out or
> ruling in disease: the use of the Kllback-Leibler distance,"
> International Epidemiological Association, 28:521-525.

Both papers refer to medical applications, and even the most basic books on
medical statistics explain the concepts in the context of incidence and
prevalance of a disease. Interpreting sensitivity and specificity is much more a
problem of the context than one of R and statistics: note that her application
was in econometrics.


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