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> Thanks Mr Justin,
> The site indeed contains lots of articles. But my immediate query is
> What is the process of forming the credit scoring model i.e. how do you
> construct the credit scoring card and what are the steps one should
> follow?
> As I need to meet the deadline, I need this information on top priority
> basis.

Then I would suggest that you hire someone with expertise in this area to do it for you or at least help you with it.

I am far from being an expert in credit score models, but the look of your original question suggests that the answer to your question would be a short course in the area or part of a full college course.  Even if someone on the list was willing and able to give you a full answer (and no one is obligated to), I doubt that a full answer could be given in this format.

It is a mistake in any statistical procedure to assume that a simple set of steps can give a complete answer without a full understanding of why those steps were taken, why others were not, and when to do which steps.

You have been pointed to some resources, and there may be others available.  If you want to do any type of modeling right, then you need to be willing to invest the time and effort needed into understanding the full topic.  If you are not willing/able to invest that time and effort, then hire someone who has invested the time and effort to understand.

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