[R] [R-pkgs] New versions of two packages: granova and PSAgraphics

bob pruzek rmpruzek at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 20:02:24 CEST 2008

Dear R users,

This is to announce new versions of our packages granova and PSAgraphics, both now v.1.2.

granova derives from ‘graphical analysis of variance.’ The package consists of four functions that facilitate seeing basic data as well as standard summary statistics for various ANOVA applications. The functions are especially flexible, so they are able to handle widely different data specifications. Focus is directed to basic questions that drive methods, so that the graphics can help to learn how data play out in answer to question(s) posed by methods. Experience suggests these functions can be particularly helpful for students and non-statistician analysts, since they help understand the methods themselves, as well as the data. Dynamic graphics are used to depict two-way data. In all cases numerical results accompany the graphical displays. 

PSAgraphics aims chiefly to facilitate visualization of various results in the context of propensity score analysis. One set of functions concerns assessment of covariate balance, with respect to defined propensity scores; both numerical and graphical functions are provided. Two other functions help to understand PSA effects after adjustment for propensity scores. The functions have been designed to be flexible, and in all cases numerical results complement the graphic displays. 

Various documents and displays that illustrate graphic results for these methods are available; write rmp at  rmpruzek at yahoo.com . 

All comments, suggestions for improvement and bug-reports are solicited.

Bob Pruzek & James Helmreich

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