[R] Weighted LSCV 2d kernel smoothing

crescent1 at juno.com crescent1 at juno.com
Fri Oct 24 17:46:16 CEST 2008

R List,

I am seeking help in the area of kernel smoothing. I am attempting to use LSCV values to conduct 2d and weighted 2d kernel smoothing (imported from an ArcMap shapefile), and have been unable to find tools to conduct such analysis in R. My biggest problem is determining the LSCV value and finding a tool that does weighted smoothing, as there are obviously many different packages that will conduct 2d kernel smoothing (kde2d{MASS} - gaussian,  (sp)kernel2d in {splaces} -- quartic) and even those that do weighted 1d (density{stats}). Crimestat will conduct the smoothing (weighted or no) if I can determine LSCV values, so getting past that step alone would be excellent. Hlscv{ks} would appear to calculate LSCV for non-weighted datasets once I can parse the example into working for me, but I can find nothing to smooth or calculate LSCV for a weighted 2d dataset. 

Any suggestions would be warmly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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