[R] Mallows' distance or Earth Mover's distance in R?

Matthias Kohl Matthias.Kohl at stamats.de
Sun Oct 26 15:01:52 CET 2008

Hi Rainer,

we have not implemented the Mallow's distance so far. Out package 
distrEx includes implementations of the Hellinger, the Kolmogorov, the 
total variation and the Cramer von Mises distance. Combined with our 
package distrMod one can compute minimum distance estimators.



Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Hi
> I am looking for an implementation (or alternative to) Mallow's
> distance or the Earth Mover's distance to compare distributions or
> unnormalized distributions (signatures).
> Is there an implementation in R or can somebody recommend an alternative?
> Thanks
> Rainer

Dr. Matthias Kohl

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