[R] distance betwenn axis and axis annotation

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Wed Feb 18 12:52:16 CET 2009

Luis Ridao Cruz wrote:
> R-help,
> How can I specify the distance between the axis and axis annotation?
I don't think you can do this directly, but you can do it using mtext.  
For example:

x <- 1:10
y <- rnorm(10)

plot(x,y, axes=F)
at <- pretty(x)
min <- par("usr")[1]
max <- par("usr")[2]
at <- at[ at >= min & at <= max]  # pretty extends the range
axis(1, at=at, labels=FALSE)
mtext(at, side=1, at=at, line=3)

Duncan Murdoch

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