[R] Problems installing RODBC as part of Rcmdr and as separate package

John Sorkin jsorkin at grecc.umaryland.edu
Fri Feb 20 16:27:07 CET 2009

Fedora 10
R 2.8.1

I hope someone can tell me the meaning of error I received trying to install RODBC and how I can get around the problem. 
n.b. The error originally occurred then I was installing Rcmdr. I then tried to install RODBC separately and received the same error.

checking sql.h usability... no
checking sql.h presence... no
checking for sql.h... no
checking sqlext.h usability... no
checking sqlext.h presence... no
checking for sqlext.h... no
configure: error: "ODBC headers sql.h and sqlext.h not found"
ERROR: configuration failed for package 'RODBC'
** Removing '/usr/lib/R/library/RODBC'

The downloaded packages are in
Updating HTML index of packages in '.Library'
Warning message:
In install.packages("RODBC") :
  installation of package 'RODBC' had non-zero exit status

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