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>I don't know how practical it is with R, but with Mathematica, MATLAB
>etc, job
>adverts is a good bet if you care about outside academia.

I like this idea. About three years ago I got all the job advertisements
from Monster.com and did a content analysis on their software
requirements. The jobs were for "statistician" and "data miner". SAS was
the biggest data analysis package by far & I hope to do this again soon
and add it to http://r4stats.com/popularity. I'll send out a notice when
I do. 

The tough part may be picking the best sources of position descriptions.
The free ones (Monster, etc.) apparently have problems now with lots of
fake postings. Wait...I've got it, R-job-listings, I don't even have to
go collect the data, it gets emailed to me! I wonder if the results will
be different this time. ;-)

You did get me thinking in "reverse" though. Don't choose a job title,
just search for software. That way the shill job postings, which are
duplicates of real jobs with the employer changed, would (I hope) affect
them all about the same. A quick search shows:

SAS, SPSS > 1,000 (that's the most it will report)
Stata 72
Minitab 194  
JMP 54
R - well, there's R & D, A / R (accounts receivable)... Even SAS+R gets
more R & D.
  Many of the S-PLUS listings say, "R or S-PLUS", the 53 figure is
probably the best we can get without much more effort.


>I found very few job ads wanting Mathematica skills, but lots wanting
>doubt it is practical to search on the letter R though.
>jobsite.com, monstir.com etc
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