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> By the way, I wonder why most of the responses I've received from this
> list are so cynical (or skeptical?) and in some sense done in a quite
> arrogant way. It's very hard to imagine that one would receive such
> responses in my own areas of computer simulation and optical
> communications/networking. If a newbie asks a question to the list not
> making much sense or another FAQ, that is usually ignored (i.e., no
> response) because all we are too busy to deal with that. Sometimes,
> though, a kind soul (like Gabor) takes his/her own valuable time and
> doesn't mind explaining all the details from simple basics.

In my experience with this list, and others, the perceived level of cynical/skeptical/arrogant answers has more to do with the reader than with the writer.  If you want to be offended, you will find things to be offended about even when none was intended.  If you look for help and useful responses (follow the posting guide) and are thankful for what you learn, you will learn more and be bothered less.

R-help is a mixture of different levels and cultures.  In framing responses it is hard to know what the other person may find offensive (I was once yelled at and chewed out quite thoroughly for truthfully answering "no" when asked if I drink coffee).

Most responders on this list (actually I would say all, but there might be an exception that I have not noticed) are trying to be helpful, there is just a large variability in the tones of the responses.  

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