[R] Statistical tests and measures for "cone-like" distributions?

Matthew Gwynne mathew.gwynne at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 15:18:56 CET 2011


Are there any special statistical tests, or functions in R I could use
to measure "cone-like" distributions?

I have several data-sets, which I've been plotting parts of as 2D
plots,  where I get a "cone-like" distribution of the data points.
That is, the data appears to be bounded by two non-parallel lines,
starting at the origin, giving rise to a "cone-like" appearance.

I guess I could work out it's bounding lines fairly easily, but this
seems perhaps a fairly naive thing to do, and I was wondering if there
are any standard tests to do? I guess one might consider the angle of
the cone, how much of the "cone" is filled out, density of points
within the cone and so on.

I don't even know if thinking of a "cone" makes any sense, what it
would mean or whether I should simply be thinking of a linear
regression line with some non-constant variance?

An example plot is at
http://cs.swan.ac.uk/~csmg/aes/plots/canon_1_3_4_r1_v_cfs.pdf if
anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance!

Matthew Gwynne

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